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New video - Comin' Around Again

(Jan. 29, 2017) - Here's a video of my tune Comin' Around Again, featuring Holly Garrett on fiddle. We recorded this to submit to NPR's Tiny Desk Concert contest. Hope you all dig it! - R.

Back from hibernation

(Jan. 29, 2017) - I'm bringing this site back to life, I've decided. New video appears above. Everything else is from a few years back. I'll get some additional music up soon. - Richard

Blue ribbon at the Marion County Fair

(July 2011) - Well golly if I didn't win a blue ribbon in the adult talent contest at the Marion County Fair in this year 2011. Hallelujah! I played my new song "Crooked Game" and got a good reception - and a hunnert-doller bill.

I'm pretty sure I'm a big star now. Video.

Good little April Fools jam on Indy's southside

(April 1, 2011) - Thanks to all who came out to rock with us on April Fools Day at a new-to-me venue, Bert & Den's Grille on Indy's southside. I picked up a ragtag group of rockin' cats - Shawn Tuck on lead guitar, Todd Vendely on bass, Seth Stimson on drums. We ran through 10 of my tunes, rocked it good, lots of dancers. Great crowd. Me and the boys did our best to uphold the rock end of the music spectrum.

Richard Sullivan Band 2010 at the Tip Top Tavern in downtown Indianapolis. Photo by Mark Capes copyright 2010. All rights reserved.The country - or "twisted kunchry," as they call it - end of things was upheld by Angel & the Preacher, the evening's hosts. The event was orchestrated by A&P leader James Compton, who kills more and more each time he performs. He's a promoter of some ability, putting on original-music showcases - this one was called "Travelin Roka~Train" - with Indiana talent. I especially liked the sets by folk rocker Brad Odom and rootsy groove cat Cootie Crabtree. Both them guys are fine tunesmiths. Gives you the music jones. Know what I'm saying?

Rockin' the Mars Hill neighborhood - what?

(Dec. 31, 2010) - Thanks to all who braved the cold rain and the unknown to come out to rock out with us at the Home Base Bar & Grill in Indy's fashionable Mars Hill neighborhood on New Year's Eve. The three-act show featured Richard Sullivan, Angel & the Preacher and Coot Crabtree.

Thanks to Todd Vendely for sitting in on bass guitar and keeping the low end grooving. Thanx also to Rob Compton for rocking the tambourine; if you have a good tambo player, you can get pretty close to a full band sound, and Rob really helped us get the room grooving. We even won over some ornery locals, who ended up hootin' and hollerin' for more. Nice.

Happy twenty-eleven, ev'ryone!

Fun block party at Cottage Home in Indy

(Oct. 16, 2010) - This was a fun Saturday gig, 5 to 5:45 p.m. at the Cottage Home block party. The event had music until 11. Cottage Home (map) is a historic district in downtown Indy where many of the pioneers still live, so it hasn't gotten all precious yet. A lovely fest amid their old houses. Wild colored globes strung over the street in front of a stage. The emcee this year was a drag queen named Brian. I told her to get on stage more because of her awesome beauty.

I played a duo set, with Marc Haggerty on lead guitar. Saw a bunch of downtown friends and met some more. First time I've played with the sun in my eyes, with sweat stinging. Cottage Home block party 2010. Photo by Mark Capes.Beautiful fall day, couldn't have asked for a better evening. I hope to return to this event with my full band. Lots of dance-ready folks at this event, a magickal one, in my estimation.

Camp Bluebird gig - rocking, tuneful

(Sept. 25, 2010) - One of the neater gigs we've played ever, Camp Bluebird is a weekend retreat for adult cancer survivors. Turns out they need to rock as much as the rest of us. Who knew?

This was a private event, and unlike the nightclubs ("you can go ahead and call them bars," one ex-bartender told me) where we usually play, this room was quiet and folks really listened to, and could hear, the lyrics. We played two sets and just loved this audience. Hope they ask us back. Marc broke out his harmonica on Rejection and got the most applause of the night. Glory hound.

Thanks to Billy Holmes for hooking us up with this gig.

Richard Sullivan Band show card for July 10, 2010 concert at the Tip Top Tavern in downtown Indianapolis, with special guest the Kevin Mohl Band.Solo RS at songwriter showcase - was a good time w. Chris Wolf

(Sept. 26, 2010) - Although my primary focus is the Richard Sullivan Band, it's fun to get out and mix it up with a solo gig from time to time.

Thanks to everyone who came out to Chateau Thomas Winery on Sept. 26 in Nashville, Ind. The songwriter showcase featured me and Chris Wolf, a good picker with fun songs - I especially liked his Halloween tune. Suzette Weakley and Marc Haggerty shared the third seat and played their own good tunes.

When I wasn't playing, I sat with Marc. He called Wolf's playing style - he uses a thumb pick and does driving bass lines with it - "Travis-picking". Named after Merle Travis, who played with two fingers and influenced Chet Atkins.

I played some of my newer stuff - Coming Around Again, kind of a mountain-toned open-string thing, and some older stuff - Season Turning, which I wrote while living high on the 25th floor in downtown Indy as a young man just starting as a reporter in a new city, with winter coming on.

Other songs played: Father Restless, Top of a Beautiful Hill, Rejection, Hot Sun, Brown Liquor, Computerized.

The last time for me at this venue - July 18 - was also quite fun. The other songwriters then were Marc Haggerty and Eric Radoux, who did his looping thing to great effect. I'm not normally a fan of loops, even when created live, but Radoux is an exception.

July 10 show at Tip Top rocked - twin saxes

(July 10, 2010) - Our show at the Tip Top Tavern in downtown Indy featured a neat opening act: Kevin Mohl Band, a highly original combo that includes two saxophones as part of their acoustic-rock sound. Here are a concert poster and show cards.

Concert poster, May 15, 2010. Richard Sullivan Band and special guest Angel and the Preacher.This was our last show in Indy for a spell, as we work to finish our debut album and also try out some other towns.

We do a different show each time, always something new. Come on out and rock with us sometime.

RSB tune 'Hot Sun' featured on Different Beat Radio

(March 2, 2010) - Richard Sullivan Band is featured on Different Beat Radio, a new show hosted by Tim Brickley. During the interview, Tim draws out a couple of funny tidbits from my musickal past.

Show at Zanies Too

(June 19, 2010) - Our show on Indy's eastside featured a great sound in a nice big room. We were honored by notable guests, including Bill Price, hoopster and musician; groove-creating Indy songsmith Bryan Hodge; noted mariner Captain Ted and his wife. Ross and I crewed with Ted in a 100-foot sailboat on a trip from Fort Lauderdale to Rhode Island.

Hmm, who else? Oh yeah, George Saidah, the Heart of Sailing founder. Not to mention farm owner Mike and groovy cats Lisa, Wendy, Eric, Clay, Clay, Ron and some I am fergetting. Hope this place will have us back. Sound man was good, full menu - good pizza, good drink prices. A good rocking room. Eastside!

Show at Lizards

(May 29, 2010) - Our first gig on Indy's southside featured three, count 'em, paying customers. One of them was our backup singer. And then R.J. not only bums a ride with the guitarist but then by carrying gear avoids a cover charge. "Beat you out on the door," he says, smiling.

Luckily the very cool bar owner, Liz, was wise enough to let 20 or so regulars in for free who just wanted to play darts and pool. Nice venue, tough night with the Indy 500 the next day. A character-building evening. Paid my boys anyway, though!

Concert poster, Richard Sullivan Band, Jan. 24, 2009 in Indianapolis.One rollickin' show at th' Tip Top Tavern

(May 15, 2010) - We had a very nice show at the Tip Top Tavern in downtown Indy. In addition to the Richard Sullivan Band, the ever-entertaining rockin' country duo/band Angel and the Preacher performed. It was another evening of good danceable fun music.

This was our first time performing at the Tip Top. It was a nice match for our rockin', open-minded musical crowd!

'Rock Sexy Bluegrass' show on April 10 goes well

Thanks to everyone who came out to our April 10 show in Indy at Locals Only. What a fun event: drinkin', dancin', rockin', sexy storytellin', pickin' and a-grinnin'. And very nicely attended.

Featured performers were Richard Sullivan Band, Deborah Asante, Old Fair & Square Band and Bryan Hodge. The event was smoke-free. Here's the groovy concert poster.

Return to form at May 2009 show

(May 29, 2009) - A fun, dancing show at Locals Only in Indianapolis. Thanks to Dean for getting the dancers going. Great crowd, smoke-free.

The acts at this show were Richard Sullivan + Tim Brickley and the Bleeding Hearts. An evening of original rock music.

This was my first concert in months. I broke a finger while playing basketball. Caught a hard-thrown pass and chipped a bone. Ouch. I made the bucket, though.

Concert poster, Richard Sullivan Band, Live at the Gatling Gun Club.January 2009 concert - chock full o' entertainment value

(Jan. 25, 2009) - Our Saturday, Jan. 24, 2009 show at Locals Only in Indianapolis went well, with rocking lead guitar all night by my ace player, Marc Haggerty. We did two sets and rocked it pretty good. The crowd enjoyed the smoke-free event, and so did the venue owners. Whenever possible, my shows will be smoke-free.

We also tried another innovation, which was to have no recorded music playing between acts. The room was full of people, so the sound profile was that of a party. You could have a nice conversation. People liked it. The experiment was successful.

The show had a great turnout. Wearing my event-promoter hat, I am happy to report that the opening act, Jeffrey James, packed the house with a friendly crowd. It was his debut show, and he performed a solid, soulful set. When my people started showing up during the opening act, they found a full room of smiling folks already rocking. Nice! Here's a groovy concert poster of the event and a nice photo show.

'Live at the Gatling Gun Club' show rocks with three bands

(Nov. 30, 2008) - Thanks to everyone who came out for our debut show, Live at the Gatling Gun Club, on Nov. 29, 2008, in Indianapolis. Everybody seemed to have a good time. My idea was to put on a good old-fashioned rock show, with lots of lead guitar. We got the job done with all three bands.

  • J.J. Pearson rocked the room for the first set, with hot-hand guitarist Jamy Holliday setting the pace.
  • My band was led on lead guitar by Marc Haggerty, one of my favorite players ever.
  • During the third set, ShadowBox guitarist extraordinaire Gary Randolph owned the room. His guitar is always driving, always melodic, always a great rock tone. What a fun player to listen to.

I just love lots of great lead guitar at a rock show!

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